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How Julian Assange Helped America – Op Ed by Haggai Carmon published in The Huffington Post

Huffington Post Op Ed 12 06 2010 Balaam is described in the Bible (Numbers 22-24) as an “evil man.” He was asked to curse God’s people but instead, on three occasions, he produced blessings, not curses. As a result, the expression “Came to curse but ended up blessing” is attributed to people who mean to […]

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A Cyberwar Against Iran: Whodunit? Op Ed by Haggai Carmon published in the Huffington Post

The Huffington Post Op Ed 10 12 2010 The Iranians are frantically looking for those responsible for infecting their nuclear and industrial facilities with Stuxnet, an extremely sophisticated and dangerous viral computer malworm. The Iranians should also worry what could come next in this cyber war. Their country’s electrical system may fail. Valves and spigots […]

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Bracing for the Worst: Op Ed by Haggai Carmon published by Haaretz/International Herald Tribune

Haaretz Op Ed 12 11 2009 While the world eyes Dubai’s failing economy with great concern, across the bay, Iran sees opportunity. Dubai is the only oil-free city-state of the United Arab Emirates. Until mid-November, it was best known for its spectacular economy and luxurious high-rises. Intelligence services the world over, however, have long regarded […]

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