Haggai Carmon: Attorney and Author


Sex Under the Covers

“As long as there is espionage, there will be Romeos seducing unsuspecting [targets] with access to secrets.” Markus Wolf, Chief, East Germany’s Foreign Intelligence Service.

Ever since the Biblical days of Samson and Delilah, sex and seduction have been used to gather intelligence. It was sex that persuaded the Israelite Samson to reveal to Philistine Delilah that his long hair was the secret of his supernatural strength. That was 3,000 years ago. Sex and seduction have been used in espionage ever since. The overpowering allure of sex can make one lose its better judgment allowing a crafty intelligence handler will employ. Honey traps, the intelligence lingo for trapping and then blackmailing a target into working for them, are probably as old as sex. The problem with honey traps in the modern world is that sexual relationships are relatively free, and the issue really is not so much about being trapped, which can happen to the most discreet person, but whether or not you then do the bidding of the foreign power.

There’s a war being fought, but it’s just below the surface and away from the media’s gaze. It’s the civilized world against the theocratic pariah state of Iran — a race to stop their development of a nuclear weapon.
That’s where Dan Gordon, an Israeli lawyer and former Mossad agent now contracted by the CIA, comes in. He is an indefatigable lone wolf, never safe from hostile moves even by those he should trust. He is undeterred, and hurdles he successfully overcomes are only preludes to new ones.
Dan is assigned with the dangerous and sensitive joint CIA/Mossad mission: to extricate information from an elusive Arab woman – soon to become his “asset.”
However, Dan realizes that the only way to the woman’s intelligence nugget trove is through sex, under [the] covers…
Unlike the author’s previous thrillers, there are three different versions: fiction, nonfiction and screenplay.
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