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The Riots in Bahrain: Not Another Domino Stone

Huffington Post Op Ed 2/21/2011 Many have misread the recent eruption of riots in the streets of Manama, capital of the tiny, oil-rich Persian Gulf island state of Bahrain. The government of Bahrain points an accusing finger at Iran. They say that the riots in Bahrain resulted from a well-planned sinister master plan of Iran […]

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Hezbollah and Iran: the New Masters of Lebanon? Op Ed by Haggai Carmon published in the Huffington Post

The Huffington Post Op Ed 11 04 2010 This is no longer a smoke screen or a typical Iranian ploy or even a merchant’s negotiation tactic. Hezbollah, Iran’s Lebanese power house, has made it clear: Lebanon could soon become an Iranian front basis, a thousand miles closer to Europe and a stone’s throw from Israel’s […]

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Bracing for the Worst: Op Ed by Haggai Carmon published by Haaretz/International Herald Tribune

Haaretz Op Ed 12 11 2009 While the world eyes Dubai’s failing economy with great concern, across the bay, Iran sees opportunity. Dubai is the only oil-free city-state of the United Arab Emirates. Until mid-November, it was best known for its spectacular economy and luxurious high-rises. Intelligence services the world over, however, have long regarded […]

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