Haggai Carmon: Attorney and Author

A Coincidence?

Peres: Hezbollah operating in South America

During Brazil visit, President Peres warns local defense minister of Iran, Shiite terror group trading drugs, diamonds, weapons in Brazil-Argentina-Paraguay triangle to finance terror cells planning attacks against Jewish targets

What a coincidence! President Peres made the visit and the announcement on the same week of the release of my fourth intelligence Triangle of Deception which describes the clandestine work of CIA and MOSSAD in the triangle of borders -Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil. Please visit

www.Triangle ofdeception.com . Check out this article to see first-hand how relevant the subject matter of Triangle of Deception is to today’s world of espionage and terrorism: ynetnews.com: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3803515,00.html published in November 2009.

  • That book kept me reading through the night. i just loved it.

    when is the next one?

    these should turn to movies